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At Open Education 2017 in Anaheim, we facilitated a conversation on ethics and the direction of the open education movement. The turnout and response for our session was beyond our expectations. Absolutely amazing and inspiring to see so many people want to engage in this conversation. Thank you if you participated!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about this conversation. This post is a placeholder that originally contained some useful links for our session. However, all information about and outcomes from this event are being transitioned to a new website where we will offer lessons learned for people interested in facilitating similar, challenging conversations about open education ethics. These tips are not intended to be prescriptive, just useful for people using liberating structures to simultaneously engage in-person and online participants.

This is the link to the new website we are currently building:


What was this session about?

Openness is a process that requires and benefits from critical reflection. We believe that facilitating and stimulating critical discussion/debate about the contours and direction of the open education movement (OEM) is essential to its flourishing. In this spirit, the proposed session is intended as a space for participants to unearth and critically explore timely, perhaps uncomfortable questions that may not be at the surface of what we are doing as individuals or as collaborators within the OEM. The facilitators in this session do not have answers. Rather, we host an unconventional, interactive format designed to expose difficult topics and support innovative interventions. The session format supports both in-person and virtual (online) attendees working together on outlining and discussing pressing ethical questions in the OEM. This session allows participants to engage in a critical conversation that is liberating, paradigm challenging, constructive, and inspiring.

What was the process we used?

We used a liberating structure process called TRIZ.

What are/were the outcomes of this session?

We hope that people continue to contribute to the documents and conversation after the conference. We will make the session notes publicly available. We will also use notes from the session to summarize themes. We plan a series of reflective blog posts and possibly a publication from this session. We hope that these outcomes stimulate further specific conversations and targeted actions that support the open education movement.

Where can I find the group notes that resulted from this session?

The live notes for all groups and facilitators (the raw data from our session) are available here:

Who facilitated the session at Open Education 2017?

Karen Cangialosi
Robin DeRosa
Arthur Gill Green
Christina Hendricks
Rajiv Jhangiani
Jamison Miller
Rosario Passos
Tara Robertson
Scott Robison

Where can I find out more?

Talk to any of the above facilitators! Also, visit the website we are building that provides the context and outcomes or our specific event as well as facilitation tips for future conversations about open education ethics:

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