I am a faculty member, consultant, and open education advocate. My current academic affiliations include:

My consulting work supports the following initiatives:

  • Integrating open education practices into higher education curriculum and institutional settings – specifically for Geography, GIScience, and Environmental Science.
  • Developing programs for increasing research capacity for environmental management and agricultural development in low resource environments. I have worked in this field since 2001 contracting with several international organizations including Winrock, the World Agroforestry Centre, BirdLife International, and USAID.
  • Designing geographic information systems and supporting GIScience research for human rights and peacebuilding. Since 2005, I have assisted on several projects with institutions such as the ICRC and Environmental Law Institute.

As an educator, I teach a variety of courses including human-environment issues, geographic information science, political ecology, legal geography, environmental impact assessment, environmental science, and spatial statistics. More about my teaching and research can be found on this website. You can find out more about my current work at the below links.