Courses that I am actively (this term) teaching are available here.

My statement of teaching and learning philosophy can be downloaded here.

Courses that I have developed and taught (often multiple times) are below. My course materials are open education resources. If you would like access to archives or course outlines, just let me know.

  1. Advanced Issues in Geographic Information Science (GEOB 370 UBC Vancouver)
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment (GEOG 319 – UBC Vancouver)
  3. Human Geography: Space, Place and Community (GEOG 128 – Okanagan College)
  4. Human Geography: Resources, Development and Society (GEOG 129 – Okanagan College)
  5. Food and Society (GEOG 201 – Okanagan College)
  6. Introduction to Environmental Issues (GEOG 210 – Okanagan College)
  7. Regional Geography of British Columbia (GEOG 217 – Okanagan College)
  8. The Canadian Landscape (GEOG 224 – Okanagan College)
  9. Geographic Data Analysis (Spatial Statistics) (GEOG 270 – Okanagan College)
  10. Introduction to Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing (GEOG 272 – Okanagan College)
  11. Environment and Resources (GEOG 310 – UBC-Okanagan)
  12. Geography of Conflict (GEOG 515 – McGill University)
  13. Environmental and Resource-Based Conflict Management (HUMS 653 – RRU)
  14. Environmental Science (EESC 101 – Okanagan College)

I am an educator and learner, so naturally many of the posts on this website address teaching and learning – often open education issues. Here is sample of topics and tools that I address on this website: