Human Geography – Space, Place and Community

Course Information:

Detailed Course Outline (pdf): Download the detailed course outline which includes assessment activities, course policies, and a course calendar.

Professor: Arthur Gill Green
Contact Info:
Office Hours: Monday 14h00-15h00 or by appointment
Office: C145
Lecture Time: Tuesday 8h30-11h20
Lecture Room: E202
Course Website:
Course ID: Okanagan College GEOG 128
Student grades are available on Moodle.

Course Description:

This course provides a critical introduction to the study and application of some of the major concepts and themes of human geography including historical, regional, urban, social and cultural geographies. This course invites students to think critically and creatively about some deeply ingrained assumptions concerning nature and environment as they appear in social, political, cultural, and ethical debate. In this course we draw upon a range of geographic research methods to investigate geographic phenomena, especially human-environment relations.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the following core concepts of human geography: space, place, scale, region, location, distance, accessibility, spatial interaction, borders territoriality, and landscape.
  • Use the above concepts to explain current events and topics in human geography like (but not limited to) urban planning, population change, cultural change, human-environment relations, gender relations, social justice, globalization, migration, and economic development.
  • Apply the above concepts through assignments that display sophistication of thought, original research, critical assessment of disciplinary materials, and the ability to work in collaboration with peers.

Course Resources

Below you can access lecture notes, activities, and other materials for each week of the course. Required readings are noted in each week. If you would like to see a more detailed course outline you can download it from the top of this page as a pdf.  All materials (videos, podcasts, etc.) posted in the weekly topics below may be on exams.

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